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Dr Pest Sdn BhdDr Pest Sdn BhdDr Pest Sdn Bhd

Pets Facts

What are Pets ?

Pest is a destructive insects or other animals that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc

We apply the latest & most effective techniques including spraying of approved chemicals, traps/trays, glue-boards & monitoring stations, application of gel-baits, drilling & chemical injection and other form of baiting systems. These choice products poses minimal risk to our Clients & their customers and special care and attention are taken to minimize any possible adverse impact to the environment.




If you have problems with rats, mice or other rodents, they can be destructive – and even worse – a potential health risk.

With our rodent pest control services, we will come out to your home or your business and swiftly deal with your rodent infestation.




Ants, along with bees and wasps, form the insect group called Hymenoptera. The most familiar are the few species that occasionally invade our kitchens and store cupboards in search of suitable food.

Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to completely eradicate, and many DIY treatments only ever prove a short-term fix. 

With our professional, Guaranteed Service, you, your family or your guests can get back to having a good night’s sleep.



With this in mind, you will not want an infestation of these in your home – or your business, particularly if you serve food.

Our cockroach location and treatment services considers all stages of the cockroaches lifecycle.



Termites are commonly known as the ‘destroyer’. They can cause severe damage to wood, furniture and any plant-based materials that contain cellulose, their primary food. Termite’s chewing mouth parts are designed to tear wood into tiny pieces while protozoans found in their digestive tracts help them digest the cellulose consumed.



Mosquitoes are an important group of arthropods that feed on human & animal blood. 

In tropical countries such as ours, Aedes mosquitoes are a vector for dengue fever hence the need to exterminate and manage the mosquito population in our country.